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The UAE has one of the highest proportions of women studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics of any country. EGA is committed to the recruitment, development and growth of women, to ensure the best of our whole society are filling the digital skills gap as we embrace Industry 4.0.

We are living in exponential times which requires our people to learn at the pace of change and our organization to become a talent magnet.

Digital transformation is about investing and evolving in technology and talent. The brightest innovations become irrelevant if people lack the skills required to make use of it at its full potential; and even the most remarkable human minds will become less useful if they don’t team up with technology.

While there is a raging battle to attract the top talent in digital, keeping skilled workers already in our organizations might actually be the better and cheaper. Investing in current employees, keeping their skills fresh, and ensuring they are challenged is a major contributor to the ability to transform organizations over time.

Disruptions to Talent Pipeline is a sign for us to take a disruptive view on talent.

In an increasingly digital economy and heavily disrupted business landscape, having a defined digital talent strategy and investing in the world’s future leaders is critical for success.

Every organization should enable a culture of self-learning. When we take responsibility of our learning, we stay relevant, employable and future ready!

Leaders can expand impact by connecting skills to internal mobility and retention.

By inspiring and empowering our teams, we unleash a wave of innovation and success that propels our organization forward

Digital Talent is about combining the strength & resilience of human capabilities with technology to create experiences and nurture expertise to realise the promise of the future digital enterprise.

Leaders need a new operating system for work that better supports the high degree of organizational agility and automation required to thrive amid increasingly rapid change, digitization and disruption, and that better reflects the fluidity of Digital extended talent ecosystem and hybrid working arrangements.

Disruption will not leave any organisation untouched – the ones that will survive will not necessarily be the biggest or best but the ones that can rapidly adapt to change in market/customer requirements and expectations. Digitalisation and greater automation will be key to long term competitiveness to serve generation Z.

The best investment you can make in yourself is changing your perceptions and feed yourself with the right knowledge and belief to practice what will lead you toward the future. The world is changing very fast and we must start the digital transformation journey to align ourselves with the future of work.

It’s not only convenient but also a competitive edge to deploy local talent in the organization’s digital agenda.

Continuous learning is the only habit to ensure we grow in tandem with the evolving times.

In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Careers are no longer fuelled by roles and titles, instead the focus is on skills which can supercharge your career.

Organisations that Innovate and transform on a continual basis, experience, exponential growth and top line revenue on an ongoing basis. Those that don’t will fail!

Every oraganization has their unique challenges & opportunities; designing and implementing the right people experience journey must take into consideration all business priorities & the touch points with employees in order to build a sustainable people experience solution that has a direct business impact.

We always focus on customer digital experience. Which makes sense, but what about the employee digital experiences? It is often overlooked even though employees are the driving force that makes successful customer digital experience. I am pleased that this forum sheds light on this important topic.

“People” aspect is the hardest but the most critical part of any transformation effort. Digital transformation is not just about technology. Capability building and change management is the secret ingredient for a successful sustainable transformation.

Upskilling and Reskilling is key in the digital talent landscape. Investing on your development by seeking out development opportunities will help you stand out as a Digital Talent.

Offering a compelling value proposition is essential for organizations managing digital talent. There is a strong need to replace a business-as-usual mindset and outdated talent management practices with customized strategies that attract and develop talent in a way that makes talent see long term career prospects in the organization.

To drive the future and the innovation of a country, you should have thought leaders who are catalysts for change and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. This is what we see today in Qatar.

Unlocking the transformative power of people and technology is not just a strategic imperative; it's the heartbeat of the organisation of the future. Together, we shape a future where the synergy between human skills and advanced technologies propels us into a new era of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

In our tech-driven world, collaboration transforms from an option to a necessity. Discussing the future of talent and skills is a vital step in embracing this essential collaboration for our collective advancement.

Fostering innovation starts with empowering our workforce through collaborative strategies in digital skilling, addressing challenges, and unleashing the potential of our homegrown talent. Let's shape the future together.

Engaging in thoughtful discussion and strategic planning to foster talent is indispensable for a digital transformation that is no longer optional in today's landscape. Achieving this necessitates establishing a collaborative ecosystem that bridges academia, industry, and government.

The most significant breakthroughs occur at the intersection of technology and talent, where creativity, expertise, and passion converge to shape the future and redefine what is possible.

In the fertile fields of the digital talent ecosystem, seeds of innovation sprout, nurtured by collaboration and blooming into a future where talent and economies blossom together.

Building internal talent and acquiring external talent with speed is quite essential to achieve organizational success in this digital world.

IQ and EQ are getting replaced by a talent’s Adaptability Quotient – the AQ – as the next most important superpower

Adopting a growth mindset is the cornerstone of thriving in the ever-evolving digital talent eco-system

In light of the ongoing evolution of technology and the rapid societal transformations, it is imperative that individuals cultivate a continuous growth mindset and maintain a steadfast willingness to acquire new knowledge on a daily basis

Change is the norm of the universe, we can react to it or plan it