Why #dtecosystem Dialogue?

Great Speakers

People & Talent are an important piece of digital transformation. Regional & International tech thought leaders & innovators sharing their first-hand experiences, strategies, and insights into their initiatives and success stories.


Engage with #beyond2020 innovators and their groundbreaking work. Meet like-minded people who will be participating in real time discussions on the great adaptation to digital future & digital workforce.

Thought Leadership

Digital Transformation is driving a new wave of talent & culture transformation. Action-Oriented conversations on talent economy, how do we build a long-term digital talent strategy, evolving workplace tech, upskilling & reskilling in the age of data, growth & innovation and overcoming hurdles in your digital transformation journey.

Technology & Innovation

Meet the leading innovators, solution & technology providers. Learn how their solutions & services can address your challenges & need for the right workforce & workplace to drive your digital transformation journey & future innovation.

Qatar Dialogue Audience

Government Organizations & Authorities
Oil & Gas
Energy & Utilities
Banking & Financial Services
Supply Chain & Logistics
Retail & Ecommerce
Food & Beverage
Construction & Real Estate
Travel & Hospitality
Technology Consulting
Technology Solution Providers & Innovators


CEO | CIO | COO | CHRO/Chief People Officer

Tech Heads & Innovators

Senior leaders in IT | Digital | Digital Transformation | Digital Strategy & Growth | Digital Innovation

People Heads & Innovators

Senior leadership in People & Culture | Talent | L & D | OD | Employee Experience | Workforce Planning | HR/people/workforce analytics | Digital Solutions

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